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I grew up near the ocean in California which is what probably sparked my love for being near the water. Mom and dad owned a sailboat and we would venture out to Catalina Island every other week! Being close to nature has always been a passion of mine, which is why I spend my free time camping and going to the lake whenever I can. I started my health and wellness journey at a young age, I remember asking Mom to buy natural shampoo and conditioner. I was reading the label even back then! 

I now live in Janesville, California out in the middle of the trees, right in the heart of nature. I live with Mom and rent out my own house. She just turned 80 this year! We have both had our health issues but we have taken care of each other. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats who I love dearly. I’m a huge animal lover and they are definitely a part of the family in our house. I work in Reno as a bookkeeper and when I’m not doing that, I enjoy dancing to almost any kind of music. If it has a decent beat, I can bust some moves! 

Come and start your natural health and wellness journey with me!



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